Tu-134 leaves to Germany

19 September 2014  
Tu-134 leaves to Germany

The famous aircraft Tu-134, which was operated 26 years in JSC «Orenburg airlines», has left to Germany, where it will find its new life as a simulator.

Tu-134 (MSN 60450) was designed at the Kharkov Aviation Production Association in 1978. Since placed in service the aircraft has 51716 flight hours and 28965 landings. For the time of its operation the aircraft has been repaired 7 times, last time at the Minsk Aircraft Overhaul Plant in 2003. Tu-134 was excluded from the register of the aircraft of the Russian Federation, removed from service and used as a mocked-up model.

Before being sent to Germany, the airframe was taken to pieces: fuselage (with center wing section), left and right mid-wings and left and right outer wings, tail (fin and stabilizer with rudder and elevator accordingly) and engine pods.

Tu-134 transportation began on September 16, 2014 – component parts were loaded to the cargo platforms for heavy cargo transportation, which were sent to St. Petersburg, from where it will be transferred by the ferry craft to Antwerp and then - to the point of destination- German city Hahn am See. Tu-134 will be used in Germany as a simulator for aircraft recovery procedures of company KUNZ GmbH aircraft equipment and also for emergency evacuation teams training. With sinking heart JSC «Orenburg airlines» employees observed the loading of the aircraft to the platforms. The aircraft Tu is a whole life epoch for people, who operated famous Tu and repaired it for many years.  People saw off Tu-134 with tears to the new life, life where it will newly serve people!

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