ORENAIR has opened wheels and brakes maintenance shop

25 September 2014  
ORENAIR has opened wheels and brakes maintenance shop

ORENAIR has been certified to perform new scope of work with the EASA certificate 145.0392, i.e. base maintenance of the AC Boeing 737, maintenance of wheels and brakes, life jackets, batteries, galley equipment.


Aircraft components repair shop includes wheels and brakes maintenance shop and life jacket maintenance shop. It also includes already existing aircraft coffee makers, ovens, water heaters and batteries maintenance shops.

The airline had an idea of reconstruction and organization of aircraft components maintenance shop facilities in 2006 when the first Boeing 737 was added to ORENAIR aircraft fleet. The decision of the whole reconstruction of aircraft component maintenance shop was reached as one of the stages of the full scale preparation of the airline for independent performance of work on the above mentioned components, for which organization of such process is a compulsory condition. Organization of such facility will close manufacturing chain, having provided the full self-sufficiency of the airline during performance of foreign aircraft components maintenance.

Major efforts in respect of organization of such shop have been made since that time.  V.P. Zyukin who was the Head of Technical Department for maintenance of foreign aircraft at that time was the one who did much for such organization and building. The main preparation for certification, which included improvement of premises, considering up-to-date requirements, installation of modern expensive systems and equipment, most of which was bought from European manufacturers, began in 2012.

ORENAIR began to perform maintenance of aircraft components by itself, becoming the only airline in the Privolzhskiy Federal district to perform works of such type. Received updated EASA certificate enables the airline to perform maintenance of components – wheels, brakes and life-jackets. Today most Russian airlines don’t have their own shops to perform such maintenance. As a rule, the above mentioned maintenance is connected with considerable time and financial expenditures.

The personnel of wheels and brakes maintenance shop includes six employees- two certified specialists and four mechanics. The personnel of life-jackets maintenance shop consists of two certified specialists. It is worth noting that all engineering staff has passed all necessary kinds of trainings at foreign and Russian organizations, having Approval Certificate Part-145 and Part-147.

Today the productive capacity of shops allows to perform maintenance of 3 wheels, 1 brake and 20 life-jackets per one eight-hour shift.

ORENAIR Technical Complex is not ready to leave it at that – in future it is planned to be certified on Capability list – list of components, which will be maintained and repaired  by the airline by itself and also considerably increase productive capacity for these purposes.