ORENAIR met new Boeing 737-800NG

11 November 2014  
ORENAIR met new Boeing 737-800NG

The employees of JSC «Orenburg airlines» met new Boeing 737-800NG at the international airport «Orenburg» named after Yu. Gagarin on the 12th of November 2014. Modern airliner 2014 YOM was delivered to the airline from the manufacturer The Boeing Company, Seattle (USA).

New aircraft, added to ORENAIR aircraft fleet, is equipped with CFM56. Thanks to a high level or reliability such engines allow to increase operating efficiency of the aircraft and simplify airliners maintenance. To improve safety and efficiency of air traffic control organization the aircraft is equipped with modern navigation: the airliners are equipped with a new traffic collision avoidance system TCAS 7.1 (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) in accordance with Eurocontrol requirements. The aircraft is also equipped with CPDLC (Controller-Pilot Data-Link Communications) system, which provides text message exchange between pilot and ATM controller, responsible for a flight and also completes traditional voice communication systems of pilot and controller.  

Modern design of cabin and crew cabin layout were agreed by the airline ORENAIR in mid-April this year. New Boeing 737-800, which became the 23d  aircraft of the specified type, has a modern design of interior Boeing Sky Interior. The aircraft has two-class configuration of 12 passenger seats in Business class and 156 passenger seats in Economy class. The aircraft cabin has smooth contours of sidewalls and window reveals, special two-zone lighting regime of cabin of soft colors and modern light panel. To make the flight comfortable, the cabin is equipped with modern leather seats of ergonomic design by the company Weber Aircraft.  New aircraft has upgraded construction of overhead bins, which have increased capacity and take up less space in the cabin. The improved mechanism of opening overhead bins, which smoothly sliding up, will allow providing passengers with convenient access to their baggage and visually extending cabin space. On ORENAIR request, galley equipment has been additionally upgraded in the aircraft cabin: espresso-makers have been installed, cold air units have been placed that will allow to provide a high level of passenger service.

Thanks to in-flight entertainment system passengers will have an opportunity to spend their flight watching feature and documentary films, entertaining video programs, reading electronic newspapers and magazines. Other new characteristic features of the new cabin that ORENAIR passengers will appreciate are enhanced noise reduction, advanced quality and clearness of sound in public address system.

Today ORENAIR fleet consists of 26 aircraft, including 23 Boeing 737-800 and three long-haul units Boeing 777-200. According to the strategy of ORENAIR development to 2018 it is planned to deliver eighteen new airliners Boeing, which the airline will get from the manufacturer.

ORENAIR call-center:
8-800-700-00-56 (free for Russia)